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Creativity without limits

Let us pick up the slack and help you by doing what we do best.

Core Services & Capabilities

Below are some of our core services and capabilities our team specializes in for the Entertainment advertising world.


Communication design starts with a visual. As creatives we all strive to be original in our designs. It is impossible to do so with out being experimental and seeing is believing. Let us explore the best options for your campaign needs.



Social Media Marketing for Entertainment is a top priority and crucial to Entertainment Advertising. Our team excels in this area by creating everything from digital Key Art to Motion Posters and Video. Let's work together to bring your Social Digital campaign to the next level.


A Brand and IP need more than a logo. A Brand Identity will function as a cohesive aesthetic to be carried through all marketing, pitch, and published materials. We will create a visual identity for your brand and intellectual property.



Direct and meaningful communication design often needs that perfect line to support the visual. We understand how a strong copy line can fortify a visual. Trust our team of talented and experienced entertainment copywriters to facilitate your copy needs with exceptional thought-provoking and clever copy.


Entertainment Advertising is one of our specialties. Our team has extensive experience producing top tier award winning campaigns for the industry's biggest studios. In addition to original concepting and development, our team will also handle post production needs. 


Far from a typical pitch pdf. We generate pitch materials to elevate your project by creating demo key art providing your pitch presentation with a unique and competitive edge. By doing so this will bring your new project to life in a visual manner the studios and executives are already comfortable viewing this type of entertainment creative.

Special Creative Capabilities 

In addition to the core services listed above, our team has extensive experience in creative capabilities that go above and beyond standard graphic design. Our artists have acquired formal fine art training in life drawing, sculpture, printmaking, digital art, and more. Skill sets that often shape designs to stand out above the rest.

  • Illustration 

  • Digital Painting 

  • Sketching & Storyboards

  • 3D Typography

  • 3D Modeling

  • 3D Rendering 

  • Photography

  • Print Production

  • Finishing

Digital App, Web & Web3 Design

We are named Enigma Design Group for a reason. Our team strives to remain on the cutting edge of design for new technology and refuses to be painted into a corner of full potential. Our capabilities and experience are utilized to create new windows of opportunity using tech for Marketing & Entertainment Advertising. Our team has built top tier apps for major corporate businesses, designed unique cutting-edge websites, and created NFT projects for new web3 companies. We provide new marketing tools for the future and to mentor new user experiences.

  • UX/UI Design

  • App Development 

  • Web Design

  • Smart Contract Dev

  • NFT Design

  • Community Management 

  • Algorithmic Image Generation

  • A.I. Design

About Us

Enigma Design Group has a range of experience in Creative Entertainment, Marketing, Advertising, Web Development, and Social Media Marketing. With combined experience across these fields, we discovered a need for the social-digital side of Entertainment advertising, and a place where they could merge and thrive with the other fields. The Enigma Design Group fully recognizes how and why social digital campaigns deserve the highest level of creative, tech, and marketing in order to thrive in the new digital world. Enigma is here to shake things up and introduce a new world of creative for the digital future.

Design for the future. 
As social and digital content have become the new standard, our focus is to pave the way for design in the new tech driven world . 



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